SNIQUEAWAY Referral banner


SniqueAway was a “flash” travel site that offered limited-team deals on high-end hotels to discerning, but still budget-savvy, travellers, largely ages 25-50. The site listed 10-15 new hotel deals each week. 


The brand had recently launched a referral program that would earn people 5% of friends’ bookings amounts but was having trouble making it sound different than any other site’s referral program. 


Since we knew the target audience was already very invested in both special travel experiences and taking advantage of exceptional opportunities to save, I opted to focus on the concept of being able to travel, thanks to your friends since their travel experiences would facilitate yours. The “any time—and every time” line made it clear that it was entirely possible to pay for an entire trip (or several) simply through the referral program, incentivizing them to share their referral link many times.