About Me

(It’s Not About Me)

My role is to make your job easier: To take the writing and messaging strategy off of your plate and then hand back copy that makes your target audience go:

“YES! That’s it! They get me and what they’ve got is what I want. Where’s my credit card??”

I’ve been a copywriter for more than 15 years (getting awfully close to 20), writing for multi-billion-dollar corporations, solopreneurs, and every size business in between. That means I come at your project with insight and strategy gleaned from multiple industries and disciplines. And that means you get the very best, most effective messaging out there.

You’re not getting a “freelancer” or a “consultant.” You’re getting a strategic partner who’s treating your business or company as if it’s my own. We’re in this together.

When I’m not writing copy? Oh…well, I’m teaching people to write copy and build careers in an industry that I love. What a great life, huh?