Tingo Website


Smarter Travel, a division of TripAdvisor, was launching a brand-new travel website, specifically aimed at budget-conscious travelers. When people book hotels on the website, the site would track the hotel room and, if the price of the room dropped, would cancel and rebook the traveler at the lower rate—effectively saving them money and getting them the lowest possible rate, automatically.


Because this website was the first of its kind, the challenge was to convey the unique service the site provided as simply and succinctly as possible. This audience also has a lot of travel sites to choose from, so it was important immediately to make this site’s distinctive offer clear—or risk losing that audience to another provider.


Especially since a travel audience has so many sites to choose from, it was important to catch their attention quickly with a powerful benefit and THEN explain how it all works, versus trying to do all of that at the outset. The quick, three-point statement of “You Book. Price Drops. Automatic Refund.” explains the concept at high-level, but also intrigued the site visitor into learning (and reading) more.

The theme of always winning/never losing/taking the gamble out of booking also addressed the traveler that tries to find the best time to book—only to be disappointed. On this site, the best time to book was always at that moment.