Poggled Website


Poggled was a website and social media platform designed to connect social drinkers ages 21-30 and alert them to drink specials, happy hours, and other drinking-related special events in their nearby cities.


The biggest challenge was to create voice (and execute on that voice) that had the feeling of contemporary who’s in the know. They were especially concerned that the tone night be too cute or too sophisticated. 


The tone I opted for (and that they loved) hinged on a good natured and slightly irreverent certainty of knowing they were going to go out and, yes, probably have a touch too much. The headline “Have a Night Worth the Hangover” conveyed that feeling and put the website and the target audience on the same team. (A note: on the first slide there is a typo. After they fixed it, it read “Sample the scene before you invest your night. Or, you know, your sobriety.)