Marshalls “Cube” Radio Ads


Marshalls is a multi-billion-dollar off-price retail company whose shoppers (more female than male, roughly ages 25-55) are equally interested in fashion and value.


Marshalls had recently launched its “Cube” section; a store-within-a-store geared to female shoppers ages 18-30 looking for on-trend clothing at lower prices. The challenge of the project was to create radio ads that would connect with this demographic and inspire them to head into Marshalls and check out the Cube.


I wrote, cast, and directed this ad. The initial challenge was to find voice talent that would be relatable to this younger demographic without talking down to them—and without alienating its core demographic. The copy within the ad was all about making the experience of discovering something exciting and irresistible (an experience the older demographic embraced) sound much more fun for this younger age group.