Lowell Spinners Newspaper ads


The Lowell Spinners are a minor league baseball team in Massachusetts whose audience are primarily metro-Boston families looking for a new and different activity to do with their kids and friends. The secondary audience is diehard baseball fans who want to check out up-and-coming talent.


In the Massachusetts, THE baseball team is the Boston Red Sox. For this series of ads, the Lowell Spinners wanted to both publicize their special events nights to make them sound just as exciting as—if not more exciting than—a night out at a major league Sox game.


Since the Spinners were comfortable with taking on a bit of an irreverent, even sometimes silly, tone, we took the bold strategy of comparing the Spinners with the Red Sox head on. I highlighted a staple of Sox baseball, and then used humor and puns to juxtapose it with a special events night, ending with the bold line “That’s Spinners Baseball” to put a stake in the ground and cement the idea of “Spinners Baseball” as being unique, special, and something no one should miss. (Note: the subhead “Just When You Thought…” and body copy was the same on each ad; I left them off all but the first for ease of reading.)