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Keurig, a brand within the multi-billion-dollar Keurig Dr Pepper company, is a leading beverage company in North America, focused on providing top-quality brewed beverage options and appliances to discerning consumers and businesses across the continent. Keurig for Small Business (now called Keurig Commercial) was a division within the company that promotes the adoption of commercial, plumbed-in brewers and regular K-Cup deliveries.


At the time this piece was created, Keurig was still just breaking in to the commercial market and had to overcome the “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality of using the tried and true, classic breakroom coffee pot and/or coffee run breaks. In this piece (the sample is one part of a multi-piece mailer), the challenges were to introduce Keurig, convey the problems many companies didn’t know they had, and overcome the initial sticker shock of purchasing a Keurig commercial brewer. 


The key message on this part of the piece was to highlight just how much time (and, by extension money and resources) were wasted by the classic breakroom brewers and coffee runs. By clearly highlighting this issues with “business as usual” it becomes clear just how absurd it is that coffee would represent such a time and resources drain. We follow up that moment of illumination for the business owner with a quote from a fellow business owner about the cost not actually being that different from their current system. By opening business owners’ eyes to the problem and then immediately overcoming the main objective, we were able to get business owners to be much more willing to read the rest of the piece to learn about more of the benefits and, ultimately, to test out the commercial brewer in their offices.