Jetsetter Hotel Highlight Email


Jetsetter, a company within TripAdvisor, is a travel site geared toward discerning travelers looking for distinctive travel experiences, but who also appreciate deals and discounts on these experiences.  


Jetsetter would send weekly emails highlighting a particular hotel, with the goal of encouraging people to book the property. The challenge was to convey the salient details of the hotel in a compelling way, without at all seeming salesy, since that would counter the brand’s sophisticated style.


The key to writing this copy was to write it as if the recipient is already an “insider”, and we’re just passing along the kind of details we know they’d appreciate as a fellow devotee of luxury experiences. It’s written with the expectation that they will spend the summer somewhere chic, and this presents an option for if they choose to do that in Manhattan. In this way, a trip is a foregone conclusion and the sales element comes across as a helpful suggestion from fellow jetsetters.