Hotelwatchdog Landing Page


Hotelwatchdog, an off-shoot of Airfarewatchdog, provides “deal alerts” to its budget-conscious traveller subscribers to let them know when hotels have adjusted their rates down. 


While the Airfarewatchdog audience understood the concept of airfares varying wildly, they weren’t as aware that the same thing happens with hotels. The challenge was to convey this information succinctly, while also convey the value proposition of real people doing the hunting.


Instead of trying to completely re-educate the user in this small space, I settled on a value proposition that implied the price variance but was also closely aligned to a value proposition they already understood and trusted from Airfarewatchdog: Real humans finding them deals. Through further interactions with the traveler (welcome emails, alerts, etc.) we were able to convey just how wildly hotel prices can vary and further build their loyalty to the brand.