Hotelwatchdog, an off-shoot of Airfarewatchdog, provided “deal alerts” to its budget-conscious traveller subscribers to let them know when hotels have adjusted their rates down. 


The Airfarewatchdog audience was familiar with the challenges of searching for and comparing hotels online, but they weren’t yet familiar with the Hotelwatchdog value proposition of real people searching and finding deals and then serving up a list of the best options. This explainer video was meant as a fast and easy way to get the new product’s concept across. 


I wrote, cast, and directed this ad. The approach I took was to immediately identify the relatable pain point and then quickly pivot to the solution, emphasizing the ease and benefit of the outcome. A note: I had originally wanted the text on the last frame to read “So your stay will be that much suite-r” instead of “sweeter” to match the brand voice and wrap up the message well, but the VP of Marketing opted to go with the latter spelling.