Multi-Brand Sweepstakes Email


HotelWatchdog was a sub-brand of AirfareWatchdog, a travel site that sends alerts about deals and special fares to its audience of budget-conscious travelers. 


HWD had partnered with RealSimple, FodorsTravel, and DailyWorth to cross-promote a giveaway and, thereby, build each of their audiences of subscribers. Because it was actually a chance to win one of three trips, the challenge was to succinctly convey that while also creating a tone that worked with all of the brands, since all four brands were sending this same creative.  


Instead of listing out all of the details of the three different trips, I opted to play up the excitement and possibilities by utilizing the “choose your own adventure” concept. This allowed me to keep the copy short but still enticing by focusing on the destinations and lengths of the trips. Additionally, the concept worked within all of the brands’ voices and allowed me to keep the tone of the body copy relatively straightforward, which also worked within all of the tones.