Hasbro is a multinational company with toys, games, and media divisions. The majority of its products are geared toward children and families.  


The company regularly releases an enormous array of toys, selling them on partner websites as well as on their own. The challenge for each G.I. Joe description is to make it sound as exciting and irresistible as possible—so that the parents who purchase can assume that their children will find them exciting and irresistible—while also making it distinct from the dozens of other toys in the brand line. 


For the G.I. Joe brand, the key to the product descriptions is to write about the toys in a serious manner—as if they’re actually going to be used to “save the world”—which drums up the excitement and adrenaline of purchasing and playing. This product (and each of them) is made out to be an integral but unique “weapon” in the eternal fight against nefarious forces and an essential purchase for the “good guys” (aka, the child).