Exagrid Direct Mail


ExaGrid is a data storage company that offers disk-based back-up options for long term-data storage. Its clients are a large variety of businesses and organizations for which it’s critical to store and access a vast amount of data.  


At the time, one of ExaGrid’s initiatives was to attract clients who were currently using tape-based data back-up. Changing a back-up system is a time and effort intensive project, which is why, though tape-based back-ups were antiquated at the time, so many companies stayed with these systems. The challenge was to make the change to disk-based back-up feel as compelling as possible. 


This is the mailing package in which we sent out a multi-piece kit about tape-versus-disk backup, with the goal of getting the prospect to book a call with an ExaGrid sales rep. But, of course, the contents of the box didn’t matter at all (excellent though they were) if no one opened the box. To that end, it was crucial to make the box messaging as compelling as possible. The designer and I decided to use an all-over graphic of tangled tape as an immediate, visceral reminder of a big issue that can happen with tape back-up. In the messaging, I mirrored the image with copy about the biggest pain points of tape back-up, and then finished with an element of hope and a call to action to open the box.