Marshalls is a multi-billion-dollar off-price retail company whose shoppers (more female than male, roughly ages 25-55) are equally interested in fashion and value.


Marshalls had recently launched its “Cube” section; a store-within-a-store geared to female shoppers ages 18-30 looking for on-trend clothing at lower prices. The challenge of the project was to create a mini-site on the Marshalls website, populated with a map of a typical Cube section with pop-ups that explained what made products in this section different from the regular Marshalls store. 


The key to making this copy successful was not just to talk about how the products were different, but to use the slightly younger, more conversational and more on-trend tone to relate to the shopper and differentiate this section. Phrases like “empty your wallet” and “Just for, oh, half the price” (and others used throughout the mini-site) conveyed that slightly edgier style of both the section and the products available within it.