Buccaneer Hotel Sales Description on SniqueAway


SniqueAway was a flash travel site that offered limited-time deals on high-end hotel and resort properties for travelers who valued both exceptional experiences and good value. 


Each week, SniqueAway featured 10-15 new hotel properties, each requiring a compelling and unique write-up that enticed travelers to book within the site’s limited-time sales window. Though I eventually built a team of five copywriters to take on much of the work, I still, periodically, wrote for the site, myself. The challenge in writing up this St. Croix hotel was to highlight the history, while also giving ample attention to its luxuriousness. 


Choosing a more “historical” tone allowed me to play up the history of the hotel and do justice to its Buccaneer name while also juxtaposing the past with the present to showcase its current indulgences.