Auctio Explainer Video


Auctio was a digital platform that managed and incentivized referrals and cross-selling programs for companies, both internally and among clients. 


While the concept of referrals is certainly nothing new, a dedicated platform for encouraging them and incentivizing them was. Auctio tasked us with creating a short explainer video to quickly and compellingly explain how the platform works. An added challenge is that companies are continually inundated with pitches for new software, so it was essential to structure the message in a way that would both draw them in and get them to agree with the importance of Auctio’s value proposition.


I began the video with the accepted truism that many of the best leads come from referrals, but that referral opportunities are regularly missed. Once the viewer accepts and agrees with that point, it’s much easier to convince them the efficacy of the platform, and I closed with the compelling end benefit of exponential revenue.