Airfarewatchdog Landing Page


Airfarewatchdog is a travel site that employs a team of “Fare Analysts” to find, research, and share especially low fares with its subscribers and site visitors. It also added hotel deals to the mix as a secondary service. The audience is both budget-conscious travelers and last-minute travelers.


The proposition of “real people” finding and researching fares is compelling…when people understand it. The site found that people weren’t aware of their key differentiator and, as such, didn’t see the reason for signing up for “fare alert” emails, which were a main driver for company growth.


We created this page to clearly convey the differentiator (“real people”) and directly connect that with the reason to sign up for alerts. By leading with “See What Our Experts Found” on a travel site, I immediately catch the users’ attention by conveying that travel experts were doing the work and that their discoveries were special. From there, I could further (but concisely!) explain the value proposition. I recommended that an opportunity for opting-in be added to this page, but the site decided against moving forward with it.