Adidas is a multi-billion-dollar corporation, best known for its shoes, athletic wear and accessories. The target audience varies a bit by sub-brand, but largely they cater to fitness enthusiasts ages 18-50 who care about style as much as performance.  


Adidas had just developed its MiCoach system, a wearable device that tracked activity and workouts and also created custom workouts and plans based on this information and input from the consumer. When it was launched, it was one of the first trackers to use real-time data and the challenge was to convey how revolutionary the product was, while also making it sound easy and fun. 


Working closely with both the design and development teams, I crafted copy that was concise but motivating and empowering and paired that copy with images to display the device and convey how simple it was to use. The multi-page site was used to both sell the device to Adidas consumers as well as give them a hub for interacting with their data, so the account area also involved a great deal of UX copywriting. This was a multi-month project that was exceptionally well-received by the Adidas stakeholders.